Most Innovative Companies of 2013

The most innovative companies of 2013 can be considered to be the ones which are on the verge or already leading a market takeover. These companies combine together a diverse group of experts and innovators, all of which have their eyes set towards changing the world. Whether it is the creation of new technology or the innovative footwear, these are the top 5 companies which leaped all others according to the fast company magazine.

1. Nike

FuelStefan Olander,  the lead of the Nike’s Digital Sport division, is working in collaboration with a team of engineers who are creating of a pair of Nike Shoes with embedded sensors. These sensors would be able to detect the pressure which is created by the shoes. The data collected is then digitally fed to an iPhone. This device is just a fragment of the innovative products and services the company plans to launch.

2. Amazon

Having introduced the same day shipping options in a number of US Markets, and then same day delivery service Amazon deserves to be at the top grabbing the 2nd spot among the most innovative companies. In all, the entire retail industry has by now realized the true potential of Amazon, as it notches up its market shares with every second that passes by. That’s not all, as every other week the company manages to make the news through the launch of a new technology or service.

3. Square

Empowering the customers with the credit card management and transaction services using a mobile device, is the basic idea which Square had at the start, but now it has managed to extend its lead over all of its competitors.

4. Splunk

Whether it is the billions of clicks on Facebook and Twitter or any activity on all other websites, Splunk has the expertise and the resources for monitoring, indexing as well as collecting the data and putting it to good use through which has provided new business opportunities and profits for its clients.

5. Fab

With dozens of online boutiques and design centric products, Fab managed to capturea revenue of about $ 150 million in 2012. Moreover, the membership for the company is also progressing at maddening pace which earns it the right to be termed among the top innovation companies.

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5 thoughts on “Most Innovative Companies of 2013

  1. 2. NIKE’s Innovation:
    Custom, custom, custom- “The sensors measure pressure created when the shoes, which happen to be on the feet of a lanky product manager named Brandon Burroughs, strike the ground.”

    This is an excellent innovation as not only is the market for track shoes, athletes and sports enthusiasts but now the average person is becoming very health conscious because of the influence of social media, television and the internet, as well as the increase in lifestyle diseases which affect close and loved ones.

    There is therefore a greater demand for comfortable, functional track shoes for exercising. Persons would be happy to wear a pair of shoes that is sensitive to their individual needs- they would be afforded best protection from injuries as the shock from movement would be absorbed with exactitude and there will be maximum protection for the user.

  2. Design Strategy for Technology ventures
    Blog – Innovation must encompass the entire organisation (May 4)
    Relevance in posting
    They identified the importance of innovation and the critical success factors through which innovation works and is successful.

    What is critical?
     The company’s vision must be aligned with a clear strategy; through which innovation is born and therein other components of the innovation process is identified.

     Training – Is one of the key success factors of the innovation process. Investing in human capital, have the right mix of core competencies in alignment with the company’s strategic goals. Introducing new technologies, new processes equates to new avenues for revenue generation.

     The C-level support is a clear indicator that the company is moving forward and what may have worked in the pass may not necessarily be applicable now may fail, based on other companies competitive advantage.

  3. 1. Innovation of 07_Sproxil- For sticking it to anyone selling fraudulent goods.
    This innovation is commendable and relevant because with the growing competition on the global market, there is more emphasis on lower cost than health, safety and quality control standards. There are many unscrupulous businessmen who are only concerned with profits and not the health and wellness of the consumer.
    It is necessary that this be monitored in the absence of good corporate governance, transparency, accountability and reliability. Further, there are insufficient legal provisions to monitor, prevent and manage same. The number of statistics on medical negligence and the resulting deaths continue to steadily rise.
    Persons who have no choice but to purchase these drugs for use will now have a way to protect themselves from misrepresentation of the manufacturers and the resultants medical injuries and/or death as a result thereof. There will also be accurate and reliable information to use as evidence for grounds for fraudulent misrepresentation and/or medical negligence and/or negligence in a claim before the courts.

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