Resolutions For Social Entrepreneurs In 2013

From “10 Resolutions For Social Entrepreneurs In 2013″ my favorite is”5. Embed and affiliate”, what’s your favorite?


  1. Talk to users
  2. Look upstream
  3. Evaluate
  4. Commit to impact, not the project
  5. Embed and affiliate
  6. Take care of yourself
  7. Connect to where you live
  8. Volunteer
  9. Take a risk
  10. Invent something

Extract from FastCompany’s Co.EXIST


4 thoughts on “Resolutions For Social Entrepreneurs In 2013

  1. Mine is number 7, “connect to where you live”. People often look far away first without realizing all the potential around them…

  2. My favourite hass to be #6 – “Take Care of Yourself”. Not from a terribly selfish p.o.v but, simply put, if one is not of mental and corporeal strength then all is for naught.

    An entrepreneur is his best asset and needs to be him/ herself sustainable and ever-changing, ever-developing.

    Further, what is the use of innovating and not being able to enjoy the benefits yourself of the good work ?

    Given today’s fast-pace world, it is important to make time, using the technology as an enabler, to spend with family and friends which allows one’s soul and innovative cells to be recharged.

    Don’t ‘burn the Candle’ as my friend Karen keeps reminding me.

  3. Many persons who engage in social and activities are quick to label themselves social entrepreneurs without analyzing the impact, profitability and efficiency of their efforts. These resolutions provide essential tips for my fitness venture that I will launch at the end of June 2013..

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